Windows Phone Beta Email Helper

Whilst running the Foundbite beta I found it a little bit annoying importing users that have signed up (through my Mailchimp mailing list) by copying and pasting from an open CSV in Excel and then having to add add a semi-colon at the end of each line in the Windows Phone developer centre.

Thankfully the beta has been pretty well received and after carrying out this laboured process several times, it dawned on me that I could probably make a program to do this for me. So I did.  True story.

With the helper you can import a csv file of emails from any source Excel, Mailchimp, Google Docs etc. and it will churn out a list of comma delimited emails. I also added some email verification code to ensure that no invalid emails get added.

Dead simple really.

Open CSV file containing email data and rename column to “email”:

Windows Phone Beta Email Helper

Open the Helper, select the csv file and there you are:

Windows Phone Beta Email Helper

If there’s an invalid email, it’ll flag it up:


Any programmer worth his/her salt can probably make it in far less time than me, but since I have, why bother?

Download a .zip containing  the Windows Forms Helper


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